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Bytches I got into college! Mount Saint Mary College to be exact. I don't really want to go there. I told my mom I don't really care that much for it because it's Catholic. But the real reason is because there are 75% grrls and 25% bois. I can't go there. I'll turn into a lesbian. Danielle once said the wisest thing, ever. "No wonder why Gabby Torres drinks so much in Mount Saint Mary. After two shots Caroline O'Kane looks like a man."

Anyway, I have to wait until all my other college application results come in. Plz, Drew, plz!

Oh yeah, I started New Mily High Friday. I made friends with a black girl, who acts extremely white, and a fat boy with a mohawk.

More Later.

Oh and I had a sex dream last night. Very gross. Worst than that one in sixth grade with Patrick Hayes. Okay not that gross.
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