Anne (annekke) wrote,

I saw Memoir’s of a Geisha and it was so amazing. That movie would make anyone desire to be Asian and a high-paid prostitute. I really want to read the book because Claire told me it was even better than the movie, but I have like 4 zillion books that I'm already reading now.

But, yeah Friday night was so much fun. I went to Edgewater with Jess, Xtina, and Claire and Lauren came along too because I already had plans with her. We all saw Memoirs and than we went to get pizza. And let me tell you this, getting pizza in Edgewater is pretty risky. We were the only girls there, being that they were almost closing. And all of the workers there were making googly Italian eyes at us. Then when the worker guy put the pizza down on the table he put his arm around me. I was so freaked out. Then he came back and was all "Ah 'ello laydies, is everything all right?" and he put his arm around me the second time. Then when we were eating this like old man in a suit comes out from the back and sits at a table near us and keeps on looking at us while he smokes a cigarette. It was so funny and uncomfortable. Then we were getting ready to leave and all of a sudden this guy who looks like a pedophile-Italian version of Jimmy Cooper from the OC pops out and starts sweeping and looking and looking at us and speaking Italian. And I know he was saying something dirty about us. I just know it. He had the look.

Then on the way going home we were going through Alpine and Claire had to go through Devil's Tower. And for some reason it really freaked me out. And as we were leaving Jess and me definitely saw something light up in the top window. I was having an anxiety attack.

But, overall it was a good night, and the Cresskill peepz liked Lauren and that made me happy.

Oh and I think my Uncle Ralph is going to get me a job in the Swatch store in the plaza, and I really hope so. That would be so awesome. I really need a job because gas is going up again and I have like -10$ in my purse because I used some of my sisters money for really nice underwear in Victoria's Secret.

AND OMG speaking of underwear. Friday after school I was chillaxin with Jess and Claire at Claire’s locker and I was wearing those Tilt underwear that I insist on wearing with the metal heart around the strap and I was complaining about it. And Claire was like “Oh did you wear those for Mr. Zelizo?” And I was like “Yes, I did, but I am very disappointed because he didn’t even look at them.” and then Claire and Jessica were freaking out going “Mr. Zewizo, Mr. Zewizo,” over and over again in the lisp voice and Claire’s locker is right near Mr. Zelizo’s room and here he comes strolling out and has the BIGGEST smirk on his face. And he’s just standing there listening to Claire going “Mr. Zewizo,” over and over again. I wanted to die. If Mr. Zelizo didn’t know about my passionate love for him, he does now.

Well, Chicka Babesz, I’m going to go and take a showerrr. And then call Danielle because I haven’t talked to her in 4 zillion years.
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