Anne (annekke) wrote,

I'm so happy! I finally got it! YES! Four months without it and the day I finally get it back it's when I have my appointment for it! Friggen awesome! I seriously feel like I'm being cleansed or something because I haven't had it for so long.

Speaking of that, I have never been asked so many times if I'm PG. My parents, of course, joke about it. But it shows how Little Joey's mind is a sponge. Last night I walked past my parents bedroom and Joey and my dad were on the bed watching tv and I hear Joseph go "Is Anne really having a baby?" My dad replied by going "No, she's not having a baby. She's going to give birth to a four pound coffee bean." It's a little joke my parents thought of since I drink so much coffee. But yeah, Dad screw the kid up even more. If he wasn't gay before he definitely is now, afraid to impregnate some girl and have a gigantic coffee bean as a child. Like Joey stealing my mascara and nail polish all the time and checking out hotties (his words, not mine) in my magazines wasn't enough.

Later I asked Joseph how babies are born and he said "A guy puts his seed in a ladies stomach." WTF where did he get that? He's six!

Then today topped the cake. I asked Joseph if he knew what a vagina was. He said it's a restaurant. (Thank G he got that one wrong) And then I was all "If a Vagina was a restaurant, many would come to dine there." LOLOL. It was really gross, but my mom nearly pissed herself with laughter.

But yeah, if Joseph wasn't gay before. He is now.

Ugh, tomorrow I start another day at New Mily High. Actually it's my official first day since I get to go to all of my real classes. Excitement. Not.

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